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Wastewater treatment

SODRAEP is also specialised in the field of wastewater treatment. 

Using its technical expertise and experience gained in the field through its work on numerous projects, SODRAEP offers to its clients a wide range of solutions, from the most traditional to the most innovative, tailored to their needs.

Pipelines and connections

  • Connections of users to new or existing networks
  • Renovation of connections on existing networks



Sewers and sewer mains

SODRAEP is specialised in the laying of sewers and sewer mains.

Whether in urban or rural settings, these sewer mains are made from concrete, asbestos-cement, sandstone, cast-iron, PVC, GRP or polyethylene.


SODRAEP is equipped to install these sewer mains with a diameter of up to 3,500 mm, on all types of ground (unconsolidated, rocky, wet).

Network rehabilitation

SODRAEP executes network rehabilitation works using innovative techniques tailored to the specific characteristics of each project.

  • CIPP (cured in place pipe) lining: this rehabilitation technique consists of inserting and applying against the walls of the pipelines to be rehabilitated a flexible structure impregnated with a resin that hardens after polymerisation. CIPP lining only causes a very slight reduction in section and also ensures excellent mechanical resistance. It also provides high hydraulic performance.
  • Prefabricated non circular liners: the installation of prefabricated circular liners (PEhd, GRP, etc.) is another sewer main renovation solution. These techniques enable major rehabilitation works to be executed with little impact on the surface, by using existing access points.
  • Sprayed coatings: this technique consists of projecting concrete onto the medium with or without reinforcement using a hose linked to a compressor that provides the pressure necessary for the projection of the concrete.

Related infrastructure

SODRAEP builds all the civil engineering facilities essential to the proper functioning of networks: purification plants, wastewater treatment plants, stormwater basins, etc.



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