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Energy & Telecoms

With its 40 years' experience in the world of networks, SODRAEP is today capable of laying different types of cables in the energy and telecoms fields.


Authorised to work on low-, medium- and high-voltage electrical systems, SODRAEP proposes a range of solutions including: 


  • network extension or renovation, either underground or overhead
  • public lighting (cities, roads, monuments, stadiums, etc.)
  • connection of customers
  • meter installation


SODRAEP also works on steel and PEhd low- and medium-pressure gas conveyance networks, for which it lays pipes.


SODRAEP lays cables for wired and wireless networks.

To date, SODRAEP has executed several projects for the laying of:

  • telephone cables
  • coaxial cables
  • sheaths for optical fibre, etc.

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