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Civil engineering

Since its creation, SODRAEP has executed all  the civil engineering works associated with hydraulic structures.

SODRAEP assists its clients with the design and development of these facilities, which are often highly sensitive and have a major ecological impact, then in their execution.

Pumping station

Pumping stations allow the discharging of underground water at the surface. They are called lift stations when they discharge raw surface water to treatment plants.

SODRAEP builds this type of technical infrastructure for which scaling and reliability are key.

Stormwater basin

A stormwater basin collects wastewater drained from the roads. Found on the edge of motorways or major roads, stormwater basins are used to collect runoff water containing pollutants in order to treat it via decantation or de-oiling before it either evaporates or percolates into the water table.

SODRAEP uses specialised teams and a wide range of equipment to build this type of facility.

Wastewater treatment plant

Water requires treatment to be made drinkable. The physico-chemical processes are implemented at facilities called treatment plants, which are one of SODRAEP's specialities.

The purpose of treatment plants is to treat domestic and industrial wastewater, before its discharge back into rivers.

SODRAEP develops and builds this type of facility.


As infrastructure associated with water distribution networks, tanks must fulfil their role without damaging the quality of stored water, which must meet strict standards.

Their design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation are all challenges that SODRAEP can meet with all its integrated expertise.

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