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Water and public health

SODRAEP is specialised in design, construction and maintenance of water distribution networks.

SODRAEP assists its clients from design to connection of customers, whether residential or business.

Boring and catchment

Feeding a water treatment plant via an underground source requires catchment of this water by boring as well as regular borehole servicing. 

SODRAEP proposes the following services:


  • for new facilities: feasibility study, economic assessment of project, design of facility, pumping tests, execution of works, upkeep, maintenance and follow-up;
  • for existing facilities: video inspection and diagnosis, analysis of issues affecting facility, definition of solutions enabling restoring of hydraulic performance, drafting of specifications to optimise the operation of the facilities, etc.

 At every stage of the project, SODRAEP works to protect the natural environment: assessment of resources (flow, chemical quality, observation well level, etc.), analysis of close and immediate environment (vulnerability of subsoils, protection zones, etc.), implementation of ecological regeneration process (AIRSHOCK), etc.

Pipelines and connections

SODRAEP's core business from the very start, water supply lines today still occupy a significant place among the company's multiple activities.


SODRAEP has the skills necessary for laying PEhd, cast-iron, steel, GRP (glass-reinforced polyester), concrete, and large-diameter pipelines, whether in traditional galleries, overhead or trenches. 




Network rehabilitation

SODRAEP carries out all forms of network rehabilitation operations using innovative techniques tailored to the specific characteristics of each project.


  • CIPP (cured in place pipe) lining: this rehabilitation technique consists of inserting and applying against the walls of the pipelines to be rehabilitated a flexible structure impregnated with a resin that hardens after polymerisation. CIPP lining only causes a very slight reduction in section as well as guaranteeing excellent mechanical resistance. It also provides high hydraulic performance.
  • Sprayed coatings: this technique consists of projecting concrete onto the medium with or without reinforcement using a hose linked to a compressor that provides the pressure necessary for the projection of the concrete. 

Related infrastructure

SODRAEP builds all the civil engineering facilities essential for networks proper functioning : tanks, water towers, pumping stations, basins, etc. 

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