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Discovering SODRAEP jobs

SODRAEP is above all a company with a human face.

It proposes a young and dynamic working atmosphere as well as attractive career prospects.

To strengthen its position in its area of business, SODRAEP is always on the lookout for new talents.

Check out the positions presented in order to discover the job opportunities that SODRAEP can offer you.

Site manager

The site manager, supervised by the head-office manager, plays a coordinating, scheduling and advisory role on various sites, on which the preparation and execution is managed by the works foreman.

Works foreman

The works foreman prepares and executes, supervised by the site manager and with help from the foremen and supervisors, the site(s) of which they are in charge.

Preparation consists of collecting the sections of existing pipelines.

Execution consists of issuing instructions to the foremen and supervisors and seeing that they are properly executed.

The works foreman also manages the administrative follow-up of its sites as well as relations with the General Contractor. 


They manage on a daily basis the overall organisation of the whole or part of a site. Always present in the field, they supervise, coordinate the work of the teams, update the works progress schedule, and manage purchasing.

They also ensure the application of directives, standards and regulations, particularly in terms of safety. Directly assisting the Works Foreman, they sometimes take their place for certain tasks. 


Their work is divided into 3 major activities:


  • they prepare the site according to constraints and obstacles and assign the work. They monitor the progress of the works and check their quality,
  • they assist with the acceptance of the works at the end of the project and ensure the rehabilitation of the surrounding area, 
  • they work in the field, supervised by the works foreman and the foreman.


The pipelayer is the pipe-laying professional.

They install:

  • all the pipes needed to convey and supply drinking water as well as wastewater treatment networks. They are involved from the sourcing, catchment and supply of drinking water up until the routing of wastewater to treatment plants, and its discharge back into the natural environment (rivers, lakes, etc.),
  • all pipelines enabling the conveyance and supply of utilities of all types (gas, district heating, etc.). 

They also service existing facilities using innovative techniques. 

They work outside and know how to drive machines such as mini excavators. 

Mechanic operator

They are one of the key members of staff on site. They drive a very wide range of machines such as hydraulic excavators, graders, loaders, cranes, mechanical shovels, and compressors, used for excavation or grading works. 

They know the machines they operate like the back of their hand. They know what they're doing and how to get the best out of them, following all the safety rules. They help to service their equipment. 


The driver drives a vehicle in order to transport and deliver the materials necessary for the execution of the project.

They must:

  • follow safety rules at all times,
  • adopt behaviour combining efficiency and energy-saving,
  • monitor the state of the signage on their company's sites that they visit and inform line management of any issues 

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