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Our business lines

SODRAEP, your leading partner in the fields of water, energy, telecoms, roads and utilities


For more than 30 years, our company has gained extensive and recognised experience in many fields such as: drinking water, wastewater and rainwater, sewer renovations, but also roads and geothermal energy.


Our head office is in Brussels but we also have three regional operating sites in Drogenbos, Flémalle and Courcelles. We also have a subsidiary in Limbourg: AQUAENERGIA.

Contact us

SODRAEP is a versatile general contractor specialised in construction and rehabilitation of networks as well as the construction of associated infrastructure. To find out more, contact us: our team will get back in touch as quickly as possible. 

SODRAEP - Quai Fernand Demets 52, 1070 Bruxelles - Tél. : 32.2.345.99.09 - Fax : 32.2.340.08.40